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Getting to Know Declan Galli

A rising member of the performing arts community

Declan Galli Headshot

I am Declan Galli a twenty-one year old musician, actor, audio video editor, and marketer based out of San Luis Obispo. I am going into my senior year at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo's music department, concentrating in Vocal Performance. I have growing portfolios of my solo performance work, my editing work, and my marketing work. I currently work for the rising early-years music training provider Music House Courses, in development, marketing, and sales. I also am activly performing in music through opportunities inclusing those at Cal Poly SLO. Below are highlights of my current work and education. 

Image of Declan Galli, Center and Family at Junior Recital April 2023

Photo of my family in attendance after my Junior Recital


January 2020 - Present

B.A., Music

California Polytechnic State University

I focusing on vocal performance, including private voice lessons. I have taken acting classes and music performance classes to improve my abilities. I have taken 3 courses on audio production. I also have participated in yearly shows put on by the music department.

Highlighted Performance Experience

Cal Poly Music Department Opera Scenes from Le nozze di figaro

"Signori di fuori"


In this scene, I portrayed Figaro, the count's head servant. In this scene I am being acused of writing letters, that states the count is cheating on his wife. He is and I did, however we both deny it.

Cal Poly Music Department Opera Scenes from Le nozze di figaro

"Crudel per que finors"

Count Almavini

In this scene, I portrayed the count, I am married but pursuing one of my female servants. I want her to meet me in the garden. She is terrified to do so but eventually agrees. Although she doesn't intend to do it.

"Amarilli mia bella" - Giuliano Caccini - Junior Vocal Recital

The piece was performed at my junior vocal recital April 29, 2023. View the program here.

This piece is a love poem to my love Amaryllis. She doesn't believe I love her, and I use the song to convince her.

View my complete performance portfolio with the button below.

Highlighted Editing and Marketing Experience

Music House Courses, Primary Video Editor

I was the primary video editor, and motion logo creator for Music House Courses. I composed the motion logo music, and edited all audio. I also provided video eidts. I also operate the social media and brand marketing for Music House Courses

Music Composition, Planet X, 

This piece was performed at the 2022 Cal Poly RSVP performance. It is an example of my composition and mixing work.

Opera San Luis Obispo Social Media - Die Fledermaus

I created many social media videos for Opera SLOs Die Fledermaus to promote them on social media

Complete Portfolio Coming Soon


+1 (510) 862-7754

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